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360-degree imaging is particularly elevating the stakes when it comes to image-based technology. This technology captures digital images in near real-time. It generates human-like avatars, opening a world of possibilities applicable to the most diverse settings. The opportunities range from aesthetic medical practices, including plastic surgery, hair restoration, and dermatology to police departments, military bases, sports stadiums, airports, high-security buildings, and campuses.

Specific technology helps follow unauthorized people throughout restricted access areas. In many cases, 360-degree imaging can provide safety and security measures through facial recognition, instrumental in airports, campuses, and stadiums that are required to enroll or register visitors and personnel, to keep track of and grant access only to those authorized.

In keeping with the security theme, the use of 360-degree imaging in crime prevention and police departments is growing. The technology allows for full body images to be taken, capturing information that can easily distinguish perpetrators. This data is then used in place of traditional sketches and to run virtual line-ups.

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