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We’re bringing identification into the 21st century and creating an encrypted digital fingerprint that is setting the new gold standard for today’s digital world.

Powered by a patented system that captures hundreds of high resolution images compiled into a dynamic 360° video profile, oVio360™ digital identification system is a major advance for law enforcement, government security, human resources, industrial and private security industries and so much more. oVio360™ patented software technology and state-of-the-art imaging system is aiming to transform how private and public sectors track and catalog criminals, inmates, employees, and so much more.

Next Generation 360° MugScan Imagery

  • Record, store, index, share all images in the cloud
  • Real-time scar, mark, and tattoo search
  • Face and body scanning with SMT registration
  • AI-driven tattoo search and comparison
  • Workflow to capture all images in under one minute
  • Minimal training to run a scan
Photo examples of the Next Generation 360° MugScan photo identification system

Military & Government

oVio360 ID can offer biometric scanning of military personnel for archival, security, base surveillance and entry applications, and perimeter control.

Corporate Security

oVio360 ID can offer biometric scanning of personnel for archival, security, base surveillance and entry applications, perimeter control, HR data building, and personnel safety.

Campus Security

oVio360 ID offers emergency identification, health and safety record keeping, personal growth and development data.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is frequently asked to rely on mugshot practices originally developed in the late nineteenth century. oVio brings visual identification into the 21st century with dynamic booking photos. Dynamic video profiles allow each imaging subject to be viewed as they would be encountered in real life. Patented centering technology accurately positions and frames the subject while high output LED’s ensure consistent, artifact-free lighting, across a broad range of lighting conditions. The ability to analyze imaging subjects from three hundred sixty (360) unique angles greatly reduces misidentification errors resulting from the limited perspective inherent with traditional facial portraits.

Suspect Identification and Tatto Recognition

Prison Scanning

oVio360TM’s ability to document and track scars, marks, and tattoos provides high utility for prisoner management applications. The speed and simplicity of the imaging system makes it possible to document changes in physical appearance while maintaining a record of scars, marks, and tattoos that indicate changes in gang affiliations and assist in predicting future behavioral risks.

Facial Recognition

oVio’s advanced “Artificial Intelligence” based facial recognition technology dramatically outperforms traditional facial recognition systems. The oVio system utilizes its deep learning neural network to process and understand incoming information allowing it to achieve incredibly high accuracy rates in the most challenging surveillance situations.

As the library of images for each encountered individual grows the system learns what the person “looks like”, in similar fashion to human learning, and becomes able to make positive identifications under increasingly challenging scenarios including poor quality, low or bright lighting, high angles in both the horizontal and vertical plains, as well as with partially obscured faces common with sunglasses or surgical masks


oVio provides a fast, transparent and foolproof system to create, store and share the highest quality biometric images for registration of people entering an origin or destination country.

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