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About oVio ID

oVio Technologies has developed innovative dimensional imagery technology for AR/VR/3D applications, government & corporate global ID management, security, fin-tech, and medical/tele-medicine.

oVio’s solution creates and synthesizes true and accurate volumetric, dimensional imagery source data, which significantly improves the accuracy and performance of imaging-centric machine vision technologies such as facial recognition, and AR/VR content creation (such as avatars for gaming and other media), object recognition (tele-medicine, et al), and machine learning.

oVio’s patented 360-degree dimensional imaging technology addresses the global inaccuracy of identification management systems, computer vision search engines, authentication & fraud prevention technologies, and 3D file creation processes arising from the absence of adequate dimensional imagery source data.

Global Reach

oVio Technologies has a global presence in almost every continent on the globe. Our patented software is used in different sectors spanning from medical to government. Through 360-degree imaging, we strive to create a safer and more secure society.


The patented oVio360TM core technology captures up to 360 high-resolution still images (one image per degree) transcoded into a single 8 or 12 second video file. The system can also capture 180- degree image files in as little as 4 seconds. The still images are stored in a distinct output folder, and can be viewed individually, allowing for degree by degree biometric comparisons and searches, as well as the creation of anatomically accurate 3D files.

Simple enrollment process

360 Degree video file & imagery (1 HD still per degree)

Cloud uploading and storage

Easy integration into facial recognition software

Index, tagging, searchable

Open API

Recording of face, body, scars, marks, and tattoos

Voice capture

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