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In cosmetic surgery, precision is critical. In order for a patient to have the best possible result, the surgeon needs to have precise measurements of the surgical area before the procedure, as well as specific measurements for the outcome of the procedure.

Current Methods

Traditionally, plastic surgeons performing breast enhancement or reduction surgeries have taken measurements with a caliper and measuring tape. These tools are useful for general measurements, but present problems for the level of detail that cosmetic surgery requires. The results of a caliper measurement, for example, may be affected by the relative position of the technician. A measuring tape will give varying results depending on the pressure of the contact.

Another drawback to existing methods is that the patient cannot compare different options for the size or shape of implants or reconstruction prior to the surgery nor do they give the patient an accurate representation of their appearance after surgery is complete.

New 3D Video Technology

New technology is available that overcomes the shortcomings of these manual methods of measurement. State-of-the-art video technology provides a complete view of the patient’s face or body before surgery, helping the surgeon to precisely fit implants or prosthetics and provide the patient with an accurate image of what they will look like after surgery. This volumetric imaging technology also provides an extremely accurate history of visual and physical changes to the patient’s appearance.

With the oVio360™ revolutionary 360-degree imaging technology, a complete image of the patient can be taken by a trained technician right in the surgeon’s office.

A twelve-second rotation captures three-hundred sixty high resolution images which are subsequently animated to create a composite video image of the patient’s face or body.

This state-of-the-art technology can help manage patient expectations and improve outcomes for any kind of cosmetic surgery. Any technician can be trained to use the hardware and software. Images can be stored on an encrypted server for easy access, and are HIPAA-compliant.

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