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Located in an old bank vault in central London, G4S operates a SCIF facility (sensitive compartmentalized information facility) known simply as “The Bunker” which serves as a “customer experience center” of sorts for high-value prospects across a range of industry sectors and security scenarios.

The Bunker is divided into four distinct areas with the purpose of walking visitors through high-level concepts down through concrete solutions. The secure solutions experience consists of; the welcome zone, the diagnostics zone, the solution creation zone, and a showcase area for the latest security gadgets. Whether intentional or not, the showcase area channels Q’s laboratory from 007 fame and it is here the oVio360 Imaging Platform is on display.

Zone 1: Welcome Area

oVio Technologies was selected for placement in The Bunker to educate G4S’s high value clientele on cutting edge dimensional imaging technology alongside oVio’s deep learning based facial recognition software which combines to deliver an optimized, end-to-end solution for environments demanding wide area surveillance and biometric identification.

Zone 4: Technology Showcase

The technology provides superior recognition capability compared to conventional approaches. The system recognizes individuals from nearly all viewpoints where a minimal portion of the face is visible. Identification is also possible under adverse lighting conditions, from overhead viewpoints, and when the face is obscured by sunglasses or partially concealed.

Dimensional imagery improves facial recognition capability

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