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Cosmetic surgery can be life-enhancing for many patients. For some, it will reduce the signs of aging, giving them more confidence to enjoy life more fully. For others, it may change a feature of their face or body that prevents them from seeing the best version of themselves.

Regardless of why someone chooses to have cosmetic surgery, every surgeon knows that managing expectations are critical.

Despite admonitions to the contrary, there are many patients who believe that cosmetic surgery can make them look as they did 40 years ago, or make them look like someone else entirely.

Managing Expectations

Cosmetic surgery is unique among medical procedures in that it is frequently elective on the part of the patient and may have little or no bearing on their physical health. Additionally, cosmetic surgery is often paid for by the patient personally, rather than by insurance. These two factors often combine to result in expectations for cosmetic surgery that may be out of line with reality.

Most cosmetic surgeons will try to manage patient expectations with a conversation about what the patient can expect from the surgery. They may have before and after pictures of similar procedures. These methods may help some patients understand the realities of a cosmetic procedure, but there will always be some patients who remain disappointed with their results.

A 360-Degree Image is Worth a Thousand

The answer to these challenges is a 360-degree video image of procedure results.

New technology from oVio360™ captures a complete view prior to surgery along with post-operative comparisons enabling them to visualize what actual results can be expected.

Additionally, the patient’s own images can be enhanced to show their proposed post-surgery appearance.

Enhanced Confidence

This unique technology gives surgeons more confidence by assisting surgeons prior to and during the procedure.

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