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oVio AI Facial Recognition

A new premium solution for enrolling individuals with 3D image capture and then utilizing those  high resolution images for advanced facial recognition capabilities is reshaping the safety and  security market. The new solution combines innovative 360-degree dimensional imaging  technology from oVio Technologies, Inc. with deep learning based facial recognition software  from Deep Vision AI, which combines to deliver an optimized, end-to-end solution for  environments demanding wide area surveillance and biometric identification.

The technology provides superior recognition compared to conventional approaches. The  system recognizes individuals from nearly all viewpoints where a minimal portion of the face is  visible. Identification is also possible under adverse lighting conditions, from overhead  viewpoints, and when the face is obscured by sunglasses or partially concealed.

Dimensional Imagery Improves Facial Recognition
Dimensional imagery improves facial recognition capability

“Current facial recognition technology is hampered by inaccuracy, false positives, and limited  real-world utility,” according to George Rebensdorf, CEO of oVio.

“The collaboration of oVio and  Deep Vision AI merges oVio’s data-rich image files with Deep Vision’s advanced deep-learning,  true AI-based software to create the end-to-end identity management solution governments and  private industry have been looking for.” 

George Rebensdorf, CEO, oVio Technologies

Agustin Caverzasi, CEO of Deep Vision AI, added, “Challenges faced in both public and private  venues are facing increased risk and consequences. This innovative pairing of technologies  enables a new standard for identifying people in real-time. We are very excited to begin putting  this high end solution to work in demanding environments that require more flexible and  performant solutions.” 

The companies note their capability is purpose built for wide area surveillance, on scenarios  that require high accuracy for unconstrained real-world environments. With negligible  dependence on camera type, the solution can be successfully deployed on existing IP-based  CCTV infrastructure further reducing deployment friction. 

ABOUT OVIO: ​oVio Technologies Inc. (”oVio”) has created dimensional imagery technologies for the rapid  creation of image-centric data files. oVio’s solution creates and synthesizes true and accurate  dimensional source data, including 360-degree imaging and scanning, precision 2D and 3D files,  biometric measurements and full rotation video files, which significantly improves the accuracy and  performance of imaging-centric AI, computer vision and machine learning technologies. To learn more  about oVio visit: ​​

ABOUT DEEP VISION AI: ​Deep Vision AI was founded in 2014 to bring actionable insights and  responsiveness to the world through advanced computer vision technology. The company helps clients  analyze large volumes of video content in an automated and cost-effectively manner. As a result,  enterprises can put data flows to work, creating greater efficiency and effectiveness in operations, establishing new revenue streams, and accelerating business growth. Public and private entities use the  software to enhance security in the community by enabling real-time monitoring, analytics, and alert  capabilities. Deep Vision AI partners with leading innovators in artificial intelligence, including Nvidia, Dell,  Amazon AWS, Red Hat, Microsoft and Current by GE. 

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