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Dimensional Imaging for burn reconstruction
Burn reconstruction at Bestian Hospital Korea

oVio, in conjunction with the Bestian Foundation and Acryl AI, will present the oVio360TM dimensional imaging platform and demonstrate oVio’s dimensional imaging technology at the Wellcare Consortium’s “Osong AI & Big data Conference”. 

The Wellcare Consortium was created by the Bestian Foundation to promote advanced healthcare technology. The group consists of 25 companies and institutions in the AI and Healthcare industries.

oVio Technologies and Arcyl AI are scheduled to present to government officials (FAO of Korea) and industry leaders who are interested in utilizing their cutting edge technology for healthcare purposes.

The AI & Big data Conference takes place on August 28th, 2019 in the 7th floor ballroom of Bestian Hospital. Institutional and industry participants will have an opportunity to meet with both companies.

oVio360 dimensional imaging platform arrives in South Korea
oVio360 dimensional imaging platform arrives in South Korea en route to the Osong AI & Big Data Conference

oVio will present their imaging platform and demonstrate both static and dynamic dimensional imaging along with 3D imaging of the human body. Conference attendees will utilize the technology for several different healthcare applications, such as for burn treatment and skin reconstruction.

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