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oVio Technologies, Inc., a leader in the creation of biometric dimensional imaging technology, recently partnered with AVRA Medical Robotics, Inc. (OTCQB: AVMR), a leading innovator of medical robotic solutions, to spur autonomous robotic development in the medical industry. AVRA will utilize oVio’s imaging technology to assist in the development of AVRA’s proprietary Instrument Guidance System (AIGS).

oVio’s 360-degree dimensional imaging technology brings precise navigation and accurate targeting to robotic medical and aesthetic procedures. AVRA will utilize oVio’s dimensional imaging technology to “robotize” a wide range of medical procedures that are currently being performed by human hands, such as: biopsies, tissue targeting, neurological repair, internal organ procedures and more.

AVRA medical robot performing a procedure using oVio dimensional imagery

“The aging population is rapidly increasing, while the number of medical specialists is on a serious decline – making the necessity of finding solutions to this specialist shortage vital,” said George Rebensdorf, CEO of oVio Technologies, Inc.

“By partnering with AVRA, we aim to help its medical robotics team implement to create a fully autonomous surgical robot that can see and understand the nuances of the human body and help alleviate the need for many specialists.”

George Rebensdorf, CEO of oVio

oVio’s proprietary 2D and 3D imaging platform combines 360-degree, high-definition camera work with machine learning algorithms and neural networks to create comprehensive 3D models of human subjects. oVio image files enhance the capabilities of image-centric computer vision, machine learning and AI technologies. In addition to medical pursuits, oVio’s technology is also being used in identification management systems and entertainment media. To learn more about oVio, visit:


oVio Technologies Inc. (”oVio”) has created dimensional imaging technology for the rapid creation of image-centric data files. oVio’s solution creates and synthesizes true and accurate dimensional source data, including 360-degree imaging and scanning, precision 2D and 3D files, biometric measurements and full rotation video files, which significantly improves the accuracy and performance of imaging-centric AI, computer vision and machine learning technologies. To learn more about oVio visit:


AVRA Medical Robotics, Inc., (OTCQB: AVMR) is transforming the practice of medicine by developing a fully autonomous surgical robotic system that “robotizes” a wide range of medical procedures currently being performed by human hands, using surgical and non-surgical devices and instruments. AVRA is concentrating its research and development efforts to meet rising expectations of patients and practitioners alike for the precision, safety and speed offered by robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as proprietary medical software architecture when combined with proven medical devices and surgical instruments. For more information visit the company’s website at

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