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There’s been an exciting advance in the world of visual imaging. oVio360™ has developed the technology to produce a highly accurate 360-degree image with the multi-camera arm completing a scan in as little as 6 seconds.

This state-of-the-art technology by oVio360™ is available now. Two exciting uses have been developed for this revolutionary technology, and more are sure to come.


360-degree visual imaging can be used to identify suspects from old, blurry or partial images that are collected from security cameras. These images can be enhanced based on descriptions from witnesses, making them far more accurate than sketch artists or other methods. The images can be used for a virtual line-up and result in more consistent positive identifications.

Law enforcement organizations and correctional institutions can use these images to identify suspects and prisoners with an exception degree of accuracy. The images can be shared among agencies on a securely encrypted server.


Cosmetic surgeons can use 360-degree images to help patients make realistic decisions regarding surgery. The surgeon can also show an accurate depiction of how the patient will look after surgery.

The 360-degree image helps surgeons to accurately size and place implants as well as prosthetics in breast surgery patients. This ability leads to a more natural-looking result and higher patient satisfaction.

A stunningly accurate 3-D visual image can be created by a single 15-second pass of the revolutionary multi-camera arm. The cameras take a series of photos that are combined to create the lifelike image. Technicians can easily be trained to take the images and manage them with the accompanying software.

In addition to producing accurate images of a subject, oVio360™ can enhance and expand on images that may only show a part of the subject’s face or body, or may be old or blurry. The software can also generate an image to show how a subject may look as they age, or with altered hair or features.

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