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Growing companies have long recognized the need to identify their employees. The employee ID badge, complete with photograph, has become ubiquitous. Some companies couple these with fingerprint or retinal scanners when access to high-security areas is required.

Technology That’s a Step Ahead

Almost as soon as these security methods are put into use, however, they begin to become obsolete. Today, the increasing sophistication of terrorism and corporate espionage dictate that even more secure methods for identifying employees are needed.

For these and other high-security applications, new technology from oVio360™ is helping corporations and other organizations more effectively identify their employees. State-of-the-art interactive imaging technology generates 360-degree employee profiles. Sophisticated enhancement technology allows for identification even when the appearance has changed, either permanently, temporarily or due to normal aging.

oVio360™ uses revolutionary imaging technology that provides a 360-degree image profile of each employee. The Human Resources department of companies with complex security needs can create an encrypted digital fingerprint of every employee, contractor, and vendor. Stored in the cloud, these images can be shared with multiple locations or third parties to insure the integrity of the security of customers and partners.

It’s Not Just for Human Resources

This unique technology has many other applications as well. Law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions will use it to aid in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals, and to identify inmates. Educational institutions can use it to identify applicants, students, and faculty.

In fact, the technology can be applied in any situation where it is critical to be able to identify someone from a blurry, old or partial image. Using the combination of a 2K camera with a single six- or twelve-second pass, image morphing software and facial recognition technology, oVio360™ can create a lifelike virtual image. State-of-the-art facial recognition means increased positive match rates and fewer misidentification errors.

When the security of your employees and your company is at stake, it’s critical to have the most advanced identification software available.

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